Ty Newydd

Ty Newydd is a turn-key construction project. A complex design with five levels and a split ground floor. The house is built using a double stud timber frame with a total wall insulation depth of 300mm Warmcel. The roof is constructed using metal-web ‘Posi-Joists’ and incorporates 300mm Warmcel insulation.

The external timber frame is clad in ‘Isoplatt’ a wind-tightness board and on the internal face is 15mm OSB, this is taped with Tescon Vana airtightness tape. The house has achieved an initial airtightness test of 0.9ach/hr.

The triple glazed windows and doors have been supplied and fitted by PYC and are the Green Building Store ‘Performance’ range. Suitable for most Passive House projects in the UK.

The house aims to be highly energy efficient using Passive House principles of construction.

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